Online Marketing

Product, action or event

Your business is evolving constantly. You offer new products, product promotions or organise events but you have no direct channel to convey these messages to your customer audience.

Besides the loyalty program, Piggy offers an entire marketing suite, allowing you to send digital newsletters to you customers. All with just a few clicks.

Targeting the right customers

Using Piggy, all your customer data is stored in one place. This allows you to send out campaings and track metrics from one place.

You can design newsletters using our program, using text, buttons and images or you can even upload entire HTML code so the newsletter closely resembles your business identity.


Emailing through Piggy easily reaches your goal: enhancing customer relationships and increasing revenue per customer.

After sending the marketing campaign, automated metrics show you how many customers have read, clicked and engaged on your provided content.

With Piggy, marketing campaings have never been easier.


Dankzij de geautomatiseerde verjaardagsmodule vergeet u nooit meer de verjaardag van uw vaste klanten. Verras uw vaste klanten met een persoonlijke bericht op hun verjaardag. Op deze manier maakt u een verjaardag bijzonder.