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Indispensable in your business

Piggy combines two powerful proven concepts - savings and marketing - in one program. With Piggy, you'll get your customers rewarded for their purchases to keep the customer even better at the store.

The customer scans the card on the iPad that is on your desk. You decide how many points you pay for each purchase. The customer spends separately per store and can only spend his points on you


Modern Saving

With over 1600 connected locations, Piggy is by far the largest savings platform in the Netherlands. Customers can save from one card or our free app to all businesses. Piggy is suitable for all business owners and makes savings cards and stamps from now on unnecessary.

Give customers digital insight into your unique list of rewards and make it easy for customers to see more information about your company.


Communicating with your customers is becoming increasingly important. Through the built-in marketing tools, you can create and send the most beautiful newsletters to your customers.

This makes it easy to promote products or send a message to your customers, for example. Thanks to these advanced features, you are able to lift your marketing and sales to a higher level.


Piggy zorgt ervoor dat uw klanten plezier ervaren tijdens het sparen.

Uw klanten kunnen aan de hand van één kaart of app gratis bij uw onderneming terecht. Hierdoor wordt de terugkomst van uw klanten verzekerd.

Piggy works in any industry, association or franchise